Friday, 21 March 2014

DIY Wool Pillow. Woo.

I was generously given wool for Christmas. Loads of it. Not sure how my Secret Santa got that idea; surely, it couldn't have been due to my failed attempt to make a scarf the previous year? It ended up being a mess - holes dotted along the scarf. Not the most efficient scarf.

Not to be put off by that, I decided to forget that was my first attempt and researched (Youtubed a bit) before embarking on my first *ahem* project. A pillow. 

See below for some instructions and the outcome...

It took about 16hrs ( yes, terribly slow as I had to 'go back' a few times. Not sure that was the technical term - don't quote me) and 120metres of the woolly stuff to produce this. It was stockinette and then half way,2x2 cabling. I think that's what it's called! 
As you can see it turned out small. Baby sized kind of small. Thus, no longer a pillow of purposes, but with just one purpose; decorative only! Hah.

I'm happy how it turned out, disregarding the size. This probably could make a lovely gift for my nephew or niece.

However, this is my FIRST knit project, so I'll probably keep it and give them a ball of yarn. They probably won't notice the difference!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Wishing I had more willpower

PANCAKES. Mmmhmmm. Healthy too with those blueberries. (That is what I tell myself.)

Above are dishes I have eaten in the past month. Clearly a case of having my cake and eating it. Lots of it. 2014 became the year I started taking pictures of my food. Not very good ones but you get the gist. Not sure why I started taking them, but looking back at them, boy do they look good and tasted amazing at the time. 
If you click or go over the pictures, I should have named the place. Ish. My memory isn't the best at times.

My favourites? The pancake and Bibimbap. I went through a phase where that was all I ate for a week. Even tried to make my own; microwaved rice and cracked an egg over it. I also had a 'normal' bowl and not a stone one. Tasted shite. I still finished it weirdly enough. I guess my hunger won.

Happy up and coming pancake day!