Thursday, 20 June 2013

First blog entry - The pressure and disappointment

Yes, I drink hot water!

Not sure if I like the first entry of a blog, you feel like there should be an introduction but it'll be a bit lame if you did one. Nonetheless, I should attempt to...

Inspired by the popularity of these blogs, I decided to do one myself. Never kept a diary, and it seems this may be a perfect outlet especially for those days when you just want to write to the world. Ah. Like your footprint in the ever-growing world wide web.

The blog I guess, is for my thoughts I need to spill out and share and hopefully, some like-minded or not so like-minded people to discuss with. Topics may be current affairs, my attempts to do DIY (something I am keen in get into!),hobbies, or fashion-related and blah... :)

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