Saturday, 29 June 2013

Strawberries and Creams at Wimbledon

So Wimbledon tennis has arrived again. Means another year has passed since we saw Murray cry. The  final in 2012, between Federer and our only chance, Murray. That match or rather since that match, my personal view of Murray has changed. I only saw him as this moody teen, who constantly looked like he was having an argument with himself. But that intense final (admittedly, I didn't mind who won. It was a good match regardless), when Murray cried when he didn't win that £1million-odd prize, I almost cry. Almost. First time, I felt his pain. I also began to like him.

Being under that huge amount of pressure from the UK public must be terrible. Every year, we have this huge expectation and hope, 'this is Murray's year' and when he fails us, we are such shit losers and supporters; we completely denounce him. The minority will argue that Murray was born in the wrong generation, being up against the best right now and to be even in the final is a huge achievement. Blah blah. The majority want him to give us that win.

This year may be different. He has won the US Open, so any doubt of us thinking he wasn't capable of winning a Grand Slam has gone. So why do I feel he must now win Wimbledon? My hope of him winning is greater then before. Hmm. Just win Murray? Then the UK public will forever be happy. This could be your last win in your career but you will be seen as a legend (most likely eventually knighted). You can see how the honours system works - quite predictable. Also, quite typical; one last win and we will hold that win for the next 50 years. We should strive for continual success but most don't; most hold onto that past happiness which defines them until they die. (Opps, enough about my loser of a housemate!)

What I am a bit confused about is, Wimbledon holds one of the four Grand Slams; it offers the highest prize pot; has all the traditions yet we don't 'produce' enough numbers of good tennis players?? We pin so much hope on a few and yet, I don't hear much on investment into the future players. When Henman retired, I thought that would be it. No more UK representatives. Then Murray came. Yay. Henman and his bad teeth was quickly forgotten and Hill became Murray Mount. But that was 5/6 years ago. We need more. I know I am forgetting becoming a tennis player starts at a ridiculously young age but all we need is more than handful of hopefuls. ( You can clearly see I am a tennis watcher than a player!)

I am watching Robson play right now and I can see the pressure we have piled onto her shoulders. She has already reached her personal best this year so any progress, is an achievement. However, many friends and media have pinned her to win this year. ha ha. My money is on Serena. Even though, I don't particular like her dress sense but she is a beast on the court!

I tried to watch Wimbledon this year by attempting to get some ground admission passes. I queued for 3 hours and I hardly moved. In the end, we decided we would only catch the last hour of play, so skipped to the pub instead. That was a good choice as we managed to see the Federer match. Ugh - the pub was tense as Feds lost. I was clearly Team Federer.

Another question I have for the LTA, why are your staff (those in the green polos) all pretty hot and look like they came from the A&F factory? They have the looks, yet completely lack any personality. I queried to an Liam Hemsworth lookalike, why they didn't give live updates on their website about 'The Queue'. He started blankly at me. Rude. Or either they didn't program him correctly.

One last thing, Wimbledon Tennis (once inside the grounds) need to sell whipped cream. Strawberries and dripped cream isn't good!! How can one eat the cream? By licking the bowl? Classy.

Let me know if any of you manage to watch Wimbledon live at the grounds and do tell me if you see that Liam Helmsworth lookalike. Slap him for me?

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