Thursday, 18 July 2013

Current Fashion Trends that Annoy Me

As most people living in England will know it is bloody hot right now. Travelling the tube to work is unavoidable disgusting. I sweat, drip, curse, melt and add some hay fever and you have me being in a foul mood. However, I was inspired one morning during the rush hour. Looking around the carriages and at the commuters not able to get on to the tube, I realised there are some current fashion trends that simply annoy me. I know it is a trend and thus will pass but ... annoyances are irrational behaviours/thoughts so I'll continue ranting...

(By the way, I am far beyond someone you would call 'stylish', I simply like to point out wearing something similar to your favourite celebrity, will not mean you will look like them!)

1) Shorts on guys. 

Where did this come from?! Most men have skinny legs and to wear shorts just emphasises how slim your legs are. It emasculates them. I don't believe anyone finds it attractive especially if you have a round stomach and cocktail legs. Not a good look.

2) Leggings trousers. 

Why oh why have they become replacements for trousers? Material on leggings are thin so we can see everything! EVERTHING. *Ahem camel toe* 
I can see your bottom move as you walk, I can see your underwear (or lack of), I can see bottom sweat stains, and I can clearly see that your legs and thighs are not toned like athletes. 
This trend is quite old and doesn't look to be disappearing anytime soon. Leggings at gym? Yes. Leggings with your work T-shirt? No. 
Please just end?

3) One button done up on a shirt/ drawstrings on hoodies are tied just at the top.

Idiots. Is that their cape?

4) Wearing no bra.
Now, I personally don't like to see any boob movement. You know when you see someone walk towards you and you notice watermelons bouncing at each step? It is distracting and perhaps means, everything is going to head south a lot sooner. Surely those well-endowed females should know a good fitted bra is vital advice alongside always carrying an umbrella with them.
I am quickly going to move to those females who have chests like an ironing board. I am fine with that. However, if you have large dark obvious nipples - please don't wear white. I counted two females today who rocked this trend. Attention for all the wrong reasons.

5) Crop tops.

Yes, all the shops are selling them and yes, it is hot but stomach exposure? No. It looks okay on some people but on the majority of the female population; it makes you look fat. The rolls that are created when one even sits! Plus, there is an air of arrogance with those that wear crop tops. 

6) Girls that hold their bags on their arm. This freaking annoys me. Celebrities do it. We should all burn OK magazines and the like for encouraging this trend. It looks unnatural to carry with one arm up. It looks painful and you guys take up too much room! 

Surely it must be like, doing weights for an continual period? In a couple years time, we'll see that the general population of females have larger biceps than the left!

7) Thick black rimmed glasses. Yawn. 

8) Flips flops. This is a more personal gripe of mine. I just don't like seeing feet. Those piggy toes. Never been a fan and in this hot weather, everyone has wore them. I apologise in advance, if I accidentally step on them. :)

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