Friday, 24 January 2014

Playing with Ice

Ice sculpting event in Canary Wharf, London.

This one of the dog is my favourite as initially I had no idea what it was - my friend has to point it out!

Sad thing is, these will melt away. 
Was almost tempted to chip away part of its ear with something sharp - my drink was getting too warm...

They had chainsaws! ( Yes, I live a sheltered life.)

Cupid? Can't say. Looks good though whatever it may be.

Below: something inspiring about this tree. Last tree standing covered with dead leaves . It's only a tree. GAH.

If this was a competition (I think it was), this should have won. Hands down. Not sure what the hands are doing but its a minor detail.

Look at the attention to detail on the face, dress. I couldn't knit that pattern:/ 

NOW that would look cute in my drink.

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