Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gone Girl Review...kind of...not really.

So I was late to the party and only have just read 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn. I generally have exam books to read but this book, I couldn't put it down. Took it and read it everywhere with me. EVERYWHERE - tube, lunch and toilet breaks.

The book was a surprise. A shocker. I guess that's why it was on the Top Ten list for ages. 
I'll try and not spoil the ending for those who haven't read it. 

The basis of story is Woman meets Man, Women goes missing, Man is accused. The chapters are split between the diary of the Women(Amy), and from the view of the Man(Nick). 

Now both characters are obnoxious, delusional, arrogant and perhaps, unlikeable. Or so say my friends. I on the other hand, quite like them. Written in first narrative, really gives us an insight into their thoughts and reasons behind their actions.
It's different from the usual plots and normally, you will have a preference; Team Nick or Team Amy. First half of the book, majority will favour Team Amy. However, upon discovering she is a MASSIVE crazy, your flag will turn to Team Nick.
I was on no team until I found out how manipulative she was and was Team Amy from then on. 

The amount of time and focus she possessed. Cant' really say much more but honestly, I wish I had quarter of that determination - I would get so much done!

She had this ( as many therapists will say) 'God Complex'. A puppeteer and she could win over anyone by assuming certain personalities traits. She thought she could predict people's next steps, that she was always one ahead. (Must be so tiring.)
Nick also mentions how there was a period where he felt dead; nothing was real and that people acted in a certain way due to watching TV, movies, books etc. 
That made me think. Who is truly themselves? Do we react to situations because we know how and is it really how we feel? 
Everyone presumingly fits into a box, whether it be 'the cool girl/guy', 'the geek', 'the goth', 'the sport fanatic'. I myself, hate labels. Such a quick lazy generalisation to describe someone...

The ending was hmmm...people that I have spoken to thought it was unsatisfying and 'no justice for XXX'. Personally, I agree. It was lukewarm. I felt Nick was a wet wipe and should grow larger balls. I did say I was Team Amy.

I hear they are making a film from this and Ben Affleck is cast as Nick. I'm just looking forward to seeing how they translate Diary Amy from the real one.

I would definitely recommend for some light reading or if like me, reading on the toilet seat.

( Apologies. I did warn you that it wasn't a review as such, more just me writing...)

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